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: a.benchabane@univ-biskra.dz
: BP 145 Biskra 07000, Algeria

Informations Personnelles

Nom : Benchabane
Prenom : Adel
Grade : Professeur
Poste Administratif:
Discipline de Recherche: Rheology, Composite, Solar energy, Geothermal energy
Facultée : Faculté des Sciences et de la Technologie
Laboratoire Affilié : Laboratoire de Génie Energétique et Matériaux (LGEM)

Titres Universitaires

- University Habilitation degree of Mechanical Engineering
- PhD of Mechanical Engineering (Rheology)
- Master of Advanced Studies of Mechanical Engineering
- Magister degree of Mechanical Engineering (Energy)
- Engineering degree of Mechanical Engineering (Thermal Energy)

Activitées d'Enseignement


Fonctions Administratives

Fonctions Statutaires

- Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universityof  Biskra
- Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universityof  Biskra
- Assistant Professor,  Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universityof  Biskra
- Assistant lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universityof  Biskra
- Assistant Lecturer (ATER), University of Strasbourg, France
2013 to present

Activitées Scientifiques

- Founder and Head of research team Materials, Microstructures and Rheology (MMR) of the LGEM, 2012 to present

- Founder and Director of the LGEM (Laboratoire de Genie Energetique et Materiaux), 2012-2015, 2012-2015

- Founder and editor-in-chief of Journal of Applied Engineering Science & Technology (JAEST) of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Biskra, 2014 to present, 2014 to present

- Editorial Member of International Journal of Heat and Technology, 2017 to present

- Editorial Member of Mathematical modelling of engineering problems, 2017 to present

- Permanent reviewer of Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018 to present

- Founder and Director of the TISC Service (Technology and Innovation Support Center) of The University of Biskra, 2017 to present


- Mehdid, C. E., Benchabane, A., Rouag, A., Moummi, N., Melhegueg, M. A., Moummi, A., ... & Brima, A., Thermal design of Earth-to-air heat exchanger. Part II a new transient semi-analytical model and experimental validation for estimating air temperature. Journal of Cleaner Production, 198, 1536-1544., 2018

- Arrif, T., Benchabane, A., Germoui, M., Bezza, B., & Belaid, A., Optimisation of heliostat field layout for solar power tower systems using iterative artificial bee colony algorithm: a review and case study. International Journal of Ambient Energy, 1-16., 2018

- Karoua, H., Moummi, A., Hamidat, A., Moummi, N., Aoues, K., Benchabane, A., & Benchatti, A., Experimental investigation and exergy analysis of an air heater with a solar concentrator used for drying processes. International Journal Of Heat And Technology, 36(3), 791-800., 2018

- Arrif, T., Benchabane, A., Chehhat, A., Belaid, A., & Rouag, A., Numerical simulation of convective heat losses in a helical tube of a cylindrical solar receiver. Journal of Applied Engineering Science & Technology, 4(2), 177-177., 2018

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- Benfatah, H., Benchabane, A., Rouag, A., & Labed, A., Feasibility of solar adsorption air-conditioning in the region of Biskra: Reflection on the government support for electricity bills. Journal of Applied Engineering Science & Technology, 4(1), 77-82., 2018

- Cherrad, N., & Benchabane, A., Interactive process to control the evaporating temperature of refrigerant for solar adsorption cooling machine with new correlation. International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM), 12(2), 473-479., 2018

- Rouag, A., Benchabane, A., & Mehdid, C. E., Thermal design of Earth-to-Air Heat Exchanger. Part I a new transient semi-analytical model for determining soil temperature. Journal of Cleaner Production, 182, 538-544., 2018

- Masri, T., Ounis, H., Sedira, L., Kaci, A., & Benchabane, A., Characterization of new composite material based on date palm leaflets and expanded polystyrene wastes. Construction and Building Materials, 164, 410-418., 2018

- Cherrad, N., Benchabane, A., Sedira, L., & Rouag, A., Transient numerical model for predicting operating temperatures of solar adsorption refrigeration cycle. Applied Thermal Engineering, 130, 1163-1174., 2018

- Benslimane, A., Bekkour, K., François, P., Sadaoui, D., Benchabane, A., Carboxymethyl Cellulose: Rheological and Pipe Flow Properties. Recent Advances in Petrochemical Science (RAPSCI) 5 (5) 555675, 2018

- Arrif, T., Chehhat, A., Abo-Serie, E., Benchabane, A., Numerical Study of Natural Convection in Square Tilted Solar Cavity Considering Extended Domain. FDMP-Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing, 14(4), 223-242., 2018

- Arrif, T., Benchabane, A., Guermoui, M., Gama, A., Merarda, H., Optical Performance Study of Different Solar Cavity Receivers Shape used in Central Receiver System Plant, International Journal of Ambient Energy, https://doi.org/10.1080/01430750.2018.1, 2018

- Arrif, T., Benchabane, A., Gama, A., Merarda, H., & Belaid, A. (2018). Optical Simulation of Different Cavity Receivers Shape Used in Solar Tower Power Plant. In Exergy for A Better Environment and Improved Sustainability 2 (pp. 637-649). Springer, Cham., 2018